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Anime-Pictures.com has been around since 2001! It was originally one of the leading Anime wallpaper websites on the entire internet, but ended up shutting down for personal reasons.
We have, however, in 2013, decided to try and attempt to revive Anime-Pictures.com and turn it back into one of the leading Anime wallpaper websites of our current internet!

It won’t be easy – it will also likely take lots of time. But we’re dedicated and motivated. We don’t quit until we’re back at number #1! Help us get there by visiting our website whenever you’re looking for some Anime wallpapers!

We’ll be providing everyone with weekly updates and tons of Anime Wallpapers, Funny Anime pictures, and more. There’ll be plenty for everyone. Thousands of wallpapers and pics in time. We just need time to get to that point.

…or something like this:

Bookmark us now and become a loyal member of the website. With enough of you, we’ll be able to meet our dream once again of becoming the leading Anime Wallpaper website on the internet.

If you want to help us out, then bookmark us and visit us every day! We’ll be posting Images, Pictures and Wallpapers regularly, so it’s definitely worth checking back often!

Since we won’t be satisfied with only Anime Wallpapers, Pictures and Images, we’ll also be posting Articles from time to time. You’re more than welcome to read through them at your own leisure – or avoid them all together. We just hope you guys are satisfied with the content we have to offer all of you and we hope you’s all become regular members of the website!

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